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8 min read | May 2024 | admin_vvn

We've done it! Vet-curated OpenAI is here.

Very soon (if they aren’t already), your clients will be turning to OpenAI for answers to their veterinary queries. But what if you could provide them with an AI-powered conversation tailored to their needs, direct from you, your trusted... read more

8 min read | February 2024 | admin_vvn

Supercharge your post-op follow-ups with AI conversations.

When it comes to post-op follow-ups, it's easy to spot best practice. It's having a personalized and thorough conversation with every client, after every procedure, to get an accurate update on how each patient is doing. But how do you make... read more

7 min read | January 2024 | admin_vvn

Case study: Oaklands Veterinary Hospital and their AI chatbot Sam.

What’s it like having an AI digital assistant working for your clinic? And what kind of efficiencies can you expect? In this case study, Oaklands Veterinary Hospital in Canada describe why they’re loving their Virtual Vet Nurse,... read more

9 min read | December 2023 | admin_vvn

Bookings done beautifully: with Virtual Vet Nurse

When choosing an online booking solution for your clinic, it's important to know the technology behind it. Is it a digital form? Is it an app? Or is it powered by AI? As most people would agree: conversational AI is the way of the future.... read more

2 min read | October 2023 | admin_vvn

London Vet Show competition: winner announced!

And the winner is.... Congratulations to James Street Veterinary Centre, who've won our prize draw for a free Virtual Vet Nurse for a year. Thank you to everyone who entered. What's the prize? One lucky clinic will win a Virtual Vet... read more

9 min read | September 2023 | admin_vvn

These are the answers you’ve been waiting for! Pre-visit surveys from Virtual Vet Nurse.

Most veterinary professionals have a repertoire of routine questions they ask each client (e.g “have you noticed any changes?” “is he eating/drinking normally?”) While these questions are necessary, they are highly repetitive, and they... read more

6 min read | September 2023 | admin_vvn

"Let's talk money": Using your Virtual Vet Nurse to receive client Payments & Deposits.

Having strong cashflow is the lifeblood of any veterinary business. So it's great to know that your Virtual Vet Nurse can help keep those payments flowing in. With the Deposits & Payments workflow, your Virtual Vet Nurse can help clients... read more

6 min read | July 2023 | admin_vvn

ChatGPT and the elephant in the (consult) room

  Back in 1998, most veterinarians were horrified at the looming prospect of Dr Google. But he/she/they hasn't been all bad, in that it's helpful to have more informed clients. You might say this next-generation of ChatGPT and its cousins (often... read more

6 min read | July 2023 | admin_vvn

Busy v quiet periods? Try this clever VVN idea.

Matching your staff resources to fluctuating client demand can be a tricky balance. You might have a frantic Monday morning packed with urgent visits, for instance, then just a trickle of clients booked between 1pm-3pm midweek. If you want... read more

7 min read | July 2023 | Libby Schultz

The power of positive client feedback

We’re all aware that client conflict and complaints are a major cause of stress among veterinary teams – with sometimes devasting consequences. When workloads are high and teams are under pressure, one negative client comment can have an... read more

5 min read | July 2023 | admin_vvn

Newsflash: Virtual Vet Nurse ain't no app!

There are many vet-client apps in the global marketplace these days – and it’s often assumed that Virtual Vet Nurse is another one. But we’re not...we’re a different species altogether! When you compare the two, you'll see that Virtual... read more

3 min read | February 2023 | admin_vvn

Is it time to implement an AI chatbot?

As a veterinarian and business owner, you are always looking for ways to improve the care of pets, the service to your clients, and the performance of your business. One tool that can help with all of these things is an AI-enabled... read more

2 min read | January 2023 | admin_vvn

ezyVet integration

Take advantage of our ezyVet integration, which allows you to send targeted and personalized conversations to your clients with your Virtual Vet Nurse.  Using ezyVet’s contact, animal or clinical record codes, your Virtual Vet Nurse can have... read more

3 min read | January 2023 | admin_vvn

Make the most of your Digital Assistant

MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR CLINIC THEME MONTH WITH VIRTUAL VET NURSE How many times have you had a great idea for a monthly promotion, only to have it fall flat when things have got busy in the clinic? Client freebies end up sitting unused in the back... read more

2 min read | June 2022 | Rebecca Caroe

Stress in pets

Pet owners often don't realise their pet is suffering stress. Vets and vet nurses see stressed animals daily - but your clients may not realise the signs of stress they can look out for. Teach pet owners Your clients can learn about... read more

2 min read | June 2022 | Rebecca Caroe

Why is pet care expensive?

Our friends over at IndieVets have been promoting YourVetCares a campaign to raise awareness about the mental health of vet professionals. There are a lot of pressures on veterinarians and clinic workers - what can we do together to help reduce... read more

1 min read | May 2022 | Rebecca Caroe

Feature in IoD magazine

Virtual Vet Nurse founder Steven Merchant was featured in the Institute of Directors magazine in an article about the businesses he has founded, including VVN. Pandemic opportunity Steve explains how he found the Covid lockdown a perfect... read more

2 min read | May 2022 | Rebecca Caroe

Vet chat on Messenger

Given that your clients are highly likely to be Facebook Messenger users, you may want to add your Virtual Vet Nurse to Messenger as a text chat interface. Integration with Messenger We've already set up an integration with Facebook... read more

1 min read | May 2022 | Rebecca Caroe

Vet Practice Magazine

Virtual Vet Nurse's digital human, Sophie, and founder, Steve Merchant were featured in Vet Practice Magazine during May 2022. Engaging and empathetic Chatting to a time-poor human may compare poorly with a virtual chat bot. The article... read more

1 min read | April 2022 | Rebecca Caroe

Arthritis month

Like most Vet clinics, Diederik and Shanna educate their clients with a monthly educational promotion on the clinic website. April is Arthritis Month. Education topics available All virtual vet nurse chat bots and digital human Sophie... read more

2 min read | April 2022 | Rebecca Caroe

Digital Human 5000 convos

Since launching "Sophie" our digital human who can chat to vet clinic customers on their websites, together with her Virtual Vet Nurse colleagues, they have hit a milestone. 5000 conversations in one month We keep track of all the analytics... read more