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Vet chat on Messenger

2 min read | May 2022 | Rebecca Caroe

Given that your clients are highly likely to be Facebook Messenger users, you may want to add your Virtual Vet Nurse to Messenger as a text chat interface.

Integration with Messenger

We’ve already set up an integration with Facebook Messenger. Just ask us how to enable this for your Virtual Vet Nurse.

This screenshot from a mobile phone shows a chat between Virtual Vet Nurse and a customer looking to buy anallergenic dog food. It’s seamless way to help your client find the right product, and then for you to make a follow-up product sale (see below).

Storbie vet ecommerce software and Virtual Vet Nurse

Ecommerce integrations

You can also get your Virtual Vet Nurse to promote your vet clinic ecommerce store – the illustration above is from Storbie.

Adding a chat bot to your ecommerce store is a simple use-case for Virtual Vet Nurse. They can work to promote your products and help clients find what they’re looking for in your shop. It’s also possible to have a Virtual Vet Nurse ONLY in your online store (and not on the rest of your website). Full features list.

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