Does your clinic need an extra pair of hands?

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8 min read | May 2024 | admin_vvn

We've done it! Vet-curated OpenAI is here.

Very soon (if they aren’t already), your clients will be turning to OpenAI for answers to their veterinary queries. But what if you could provide them with an AI-powered conversation tailored to their needs, direct from you, your trusted... read more

8 min read | February 2024 | admin_vvn

Supercharge your post-op follow-ups with AI conversations.

When it comes to post-op follow-ups, it's easy to spot best practice. It's having a personalized and thorough conversation with every client, after every procedure, to get an accurate update on how each patient is doing. But how do you make... read more

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ChatGPT and the elephant in the (consult) room

  Back in 1998, most veterinarians were horrified at the looming prospect of Dr Google. But he/she/they hasn't been all bad, in that it's helpful to have more informed clients. You might say this next-generation of ChatGPT and its cousins (often... read more

5 min read | July 2023 | admin_vvn

Newsflash: Virtual Vet Nurse ain't no app!

There are many vet-client apps in the global marketplace these days – and it’s often assumed that Virtual Vet Nurse is another one. But we’re not...we’re a different species altogether! When you compare the two, you'll see that Virtual... read more

3 min read | February 2023 | admin_vvn

Is it time to implement an AI chatbot?

As a veterinarian and business owner, you are always looking for ways to improve the care of pets, the service to your clients, and the performance of your business. One tool that can help with all of these things is an AI-enabled... read more