Does your clinic need an extra pair of hands?

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What would you like your Virtual Vet Nurse to do? Choose from the following menu of 9 workflows. They're all optional and available as part of your standard subscription (yes, all of this!) The more you ask your Virtual Vet Nurse to do, the better your ROI.


24/7 Digital Concierge

This is a cornerstone workflow of Virtual Vet Nurse*. Your VVN acts as a digital concierge – greeting visitors to your website, and helping them with common front-desk tasks and queries. Learn More

  • ease pressure on your front-desk staff  
  • allow clients to communicate with your clinic 24/7 
  • answer routine queries (without picking up the phone) 
  • promote your after-hours options (including directions) 

How it works:

  1. Your VVN greets clients and asks ‘what would you like to do?’
  2. They answer common queries, and provide a range of options.
  3. If the client requests an action, the VVN will forward to you.

*Almost all clinics include this workflow as standard, unless you have very specific practice requirements.


24/7 Booking Requests

Generate more bookings! Clients can request a booking with you at any time, 24/7, via your Virtual Vet Nurse.(Straight-to-calendar bookings are also available, see #10 below). Learn More

  • offer clients a convenient way to book, 24/7
  • eliminate back-and-forth messages & calls
  • improve customer service (use their preferred contact method)
  • reduce no-show appointments (clients can change or cancel)

How it works:

  1. Clients request a booking, giving their preferred date and time.
  2. The request is sent to your clinic email address.
  3. You contact the client to confirm.



24/7 Refills & Repeats

Streamline the whole process of refills & repeat meds, by allowing clients to self-order 24/7. They can even scan the barcode on their current meds. This saves everyone’s time, while also improving compliance. Learn More

  • reduce ‘last-minute’ refill requests
  • offer clients a quick & convenient way to refill
  • increase compliance (get the right meds every time)
  • help clients refill with you (not 3rd-party pharmacies)

How it works:

  1. Clients request a refill.
  2. You receive the request via email, approve, and process.
  3. Done!


Recall/revisit Reminders & Bookings

Boost responses and regain lapsed clients by sending ‘conversational’ reminders. Your Virtual Vet Nurse can explain why their pet needs the visit or treatment – then invite them to book. Learn More

  • increase revisit/recall rates
  • re-engage lapsed clients
  • explain why the re-visit is needed/important
  • help clients learn more

How it works:

  1. Pull the relevant list from your PMS (e.g recalls/revisits/lapsed).
  2. Send a message that jumps to the relevant conversation.
  3. Invite clients to make a booking.


Pre-visit & pre-admission histories

Streamline the consult and admission process with pre-visit surveys. You’ll have all the key information you need at your fingertips – before the client arrives in clinic! Learn More

  • ensure quality & consistent history-taking
  • streamline the consult & admission time
  • improve compliance & safety
  • offer additional products & services

How it works:

  1. Clients are sent a survey link.
  2. They complete the survey with your VVN.
  3. The answers are emailed to your front-desk.


Post-op/post-visit checks

Your VVN can streamline your follow-up checks – by sending clients a short Q&A survey. They can also can upload photos or videos clips to accompany their answers. Learn More

  • ensure follow-ups get done
  • reduce time spent on phone calls
  • improve safety & compliance
  • allow clients to send photos

How it works:

  1. Post-op surveys are automatically sent to clients after a surgery or admission.
  2. Clients complete the survey (and can include photos for post-op wound checks).
  3. Answers are emailed to you to review, and respond if needed.


Client feedback & reviews

Take the pulse of your client feedback – and generate more 5-star google reviews – with automated client feedback and reviews. Learn More

  • track client satisfaction
  • boost team morale
  • avoid clients ‘silently shifting’
  • generate more 5-star reviews (Google & Facebook)

How it works:

  1. Clients are asked to provide feedback post-visit.
  2. The result is emailed to you.
  3. An (optional) second step invites the client to paste the review into Google.


Marketing & promotions

Your Virtual Vet Nurse is a hard-working marketing assistant. Use your VVN to run clinic promotions of all kinds. Eliminate the cost of traditional marketing collateral, and free up your team. Learn More

  • automate any type of promotion
  • save costs (by going paperless)
  • easy to update (with a quick switch)
  • encourage bookings & engagement

How it works:

  1. Choose a promotion to send to your database.
  2. Apply the ‘switch’ in your VVN.
  3. Clients engage to enter/win/book.


Retail & shop assistant

Boost your retail sales, and ensure clients buy from your clinic (not third parties). Your Virtual Vet Nurse can help your clients select, shop and buy products from you. Learn More

  • easy click-and-collect ordering OR
  • integrate with your existing retail site
  • use conversations to prompt sales
  • encourage bookings

How it works:

  1. Include a shop button on your main menu.
  2. Your VVN will guide users to relevant products.
  3. Clients ‘click & collect’, or order from your shop.

Additional Features

You can also choose integrated features with your Practice Management Software (PMS), or payment gateway provider. They are available for an additional monthly fee, see our Pricing page.


Straight-to-calendar bookings

Allow clients to make PMS-integrated bookings, straight into your clinic calendar. You control all preferences – including available slots, doctors, and appointment types.

  • enables real-time confirmed bookings, 24/7
  • customized to your preferences
  • offer an easy, portal-free process
  • save front-desk time (zero contact required)

How it works:

  1. Virtual Vet Nurse helps clients choose from available slots in real-time.
  2. Clients manage their own booking in 2-3 steps.
  3. Done! No front-desk input required.


Straight-to-calendar recall/revisit reminders

Automate your recall and revisit reminders using your Virtual Vet Nurse, integrated to your PMS.

  • boost revisit/recall rates
  • provide a personalized client conversation
  • allow clients to make portal-free bookings
  • zero-touch (from front-desk)

How it works:

  1. Send fully-personalized reminders.
  2. Clients manage their own booking in 2-3 steps.
  3. Done! No front-desk input required.


Deposits & payments

Your Virtual Vet Nurse can receive any type of payment – from bills, regular payments, or deposits to secure a booking. Integrated with your payment gateway provider (WindCave or First American by Deluxe).

  • offer clients a convenient way to pay, 24/7
  • help ‘close the loop’ on outstanding bills
  • request a deposit at time of booking (optional)
  • use QR codes on your invoices & statements

How it works:

  1. Your VVN will politely request & receive payments.
  2. Clients make online payments via your existing payment gateway.
  3. Confirmation of payment is emailed to you.