Does your clinic need an extra pair of hands?

Streamline routine admin tasks- Save 20-50 hours per month of front desk time, and more

  • Direct message specific conversations for any task to your clients
  • streamlines and triages messages to your team
  • manage your Facebook Messenger traffic (optional)
  • arrange refills
  • take a pre-consult history (with photos or video)
  • arrange a post-op follow-up (with photos or video)
  • provide clinic info, including bookings
  • provide after-hours & referral info (including Google map directions)

Support your clinic revenue- Grow sales

  • promote your clinic’s products & services
  • boost your current promotions
  • arrange click-and-collect
  • integrate with your e-commerce solution
  • upsell via education (see below)

Improve compliance through education

  • a full A-Z of pet care topics (written by veterinarians)
  • info on pre- and post-op care
  • online puppy school & other training
  • optional sponsored content from industry (e.g arthritis, fleas, dermatology)

Integrations (all optional)

  • integrates with all Practice Management Software
  • real-time integration with booking calendars ezyVet
  • your e-commerce platform
  • your telemedicine offering
  • your pet insurance providers
  • digital human Sophie

Virtual Vet Nurse can work within any practice type, geography and language.

Practice type options

Virtual Vet Nurse content and conversations are tailored to your practice type.

  • companion animal
  • mixed (including farm)
  • cat-only
  • referral/specialists
  • mobile veterinary services
Feature Image Practice type options

Language options

Do you have a multicultural client base? Your Virtual Vet Nurse can act as a translator to assist your diverse client base.

Digital Assistant Sophie

Our most recent development at Virtual Vet Nurse is Sophie, a digital human assistant.