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Bookings done beautifully: with Virtual Vet Nurse

9 min read | December 2023 | admin_vvn

When choosing an online booking solution for your clinic, it’s important to know the technology behind it. Is it a digital form? Is it an app? Or is it powered by AI?

As most people would agree: conversational AI is the way of the future. Everything else is starting to feel a little…left behind.

With an AI-based solution like Virtual Vet Nurse, automated online bookings are more intelligent, intuitive, and customizable.

What’s more, your Virtual Vet Nurse doesn’t only do bookings. It can help guide your clients throughout the whole customer journey – whether it’s taking a pre-visit history, arranging payments, post-op follow-ups and more. 

As this clinic explains:

We use our Virtual Vet Nurse for booking appointments – as well as pre-appointment history-taking, surgical intake questions, and post-op check-ins. Before VVN, we had 4 separate ways of doing these. Now it’s all streamlined into one tool which integrates with our PIMS.

Read on to discover how clinics around the world are using their Virtual Vet Nurse digital assistant to create beautiful bookings (and more!)

Virtual Vet Nurse bookings give you total flexibility

Your clients will love the convenience of 24/7 bookings, and you’ll love the efficiency and time-savings.

Very easy to navigate, quick and very easy to book online, just follow the prompts…probably one of the best websites I’ve booked on, so easy!
Customer User Rating: 5/5 Clinic: Kowhai Vet

Virtual Vet Nurse integrates with your PMS, to allow bookings to synch straight to your clinic calendar in real time. (Or if you prefer a non-integrated version, we also offer 24/7 Booking Requests).

Bookings are automatically confirmed, eliminating the need for phone calls or emails. For your clinic, it’s a totally hands-free process.

For your clients, there’s no app to download, or pesky passwords to remember.

This clinic describes the benefits they’re seeing on both sides:

Booking online with Virtual Vet Nurse is so much easier for our clients. Before, they had to log-in to an account. Now they can easily book in on their phone, with no fuss. VVN also links to our payment system, so we can request a deposit from new clients to minimize no-shows.

Straight to calendar bookings: your choice of 2 ways! 

Virtual Vet Nurse offers you a choice of two formats.

You might want the simplicity of a 4-step booking form. (This is similar to what other booking providers offer; except they’re not AI, and they don’t offer our full menu of features).

Alternatively, you might want the full flexibility of an AI-based booking conversation. This is only possible with a platform like Virtual Vet Nurse.

Here’s how they both work:

1. Our 4-step booking form.

Our 4-step process allows the client to: select their appointment type, choose an available day and time, their preferred vet or tech, enter their pet’s details, and confirm the appointment.

This clinic has a Virtual Vet Nurse digital assistant called Sam. As shown here, she’s helpfully explaining the choice of appointment types at her clinic, to ensure the client books the right one.

2. Our digital assistant conversations.

What if you want a more interactive booking process – but it’s too detailed for a booking form? No problem. That’s when you’ll choose the flexibility of a full AI conversation.

In our screenshot below, Victor is a Virtual Vet Nurse who works in one of our Australasian clinics. This shows how Victor begins his booking conversation, which also ends in a confirmed straight-to-calendar booking. But the difference is that Victor can do and say a lot more helpful stuff along the way!

With AI conversations, you can do so much more

The beauty of AI technology is that you can customize your booking conversations to suit your clinic.

Here are some of the ways clinics are using their Virtual Vet Nurse to super-charge their online bookings:

  • To provide booking-related info. Your Virtual Vet Nurse can automatically provide each client with any booking-related info or digital paperwork; such as vaccination info, pre-admission forms, consent forms, post-up wound care etc. This can either be provided within the conversation, or scheduled to send later.
  • To cross-sell to other services. Your Virtual Vet Nurse can politely offer related products or services at time of booking. For example, “are your vaccinations up to date”, “would you like a nail trim included”, or “do you need flea/worm treatments”.
  • To ask pre-booking screening questions. One great example is a US spay and neuter clinic that uses their Virtual Vet Nurse to ask a series of screening questions on the animal’s gender, age and pregnancy status (e.g so clients won’t mistakenly book in an underage dog). Another example is a cat-only clinic that offers a 20-question survey on anxiety at the time of booking. None of this would be possible with a standard booking form.
  • To take a deposit at time of booking. Many of our clinics choose to switch on our payments feature. Their Virtual Vet Nurse requests a deposit at time of booking (either for new clients, or all), which is great for discouraging no-shows.
  • To receive boarding & holiday bookings. Virtual Vet Nurse is like the of the veterinary world! No more fielding endless boarding requests on the phone; it’s all there online for clients to search and book themselves.
  • To run marketing & promotions. Want to offer particular booking slots for a one-off promotion? Your Virtual Vet Nurse can manage this for you. Here’s an example from one of our Australian clinics.

We have plenty more real-life examples to share. Just ask when you book a demo with us.

Compare the advantages of Virtual Vet Nurse bookings

Virtual Vet Nurse does so much more than bookings. Our digital assistants can automate and manage the entire customer journey – including refills/repeats, pre-visit surveys, post-op follow-ups, client reviews, marketing & promotions, and more.

  • Automated bookings are just one feature. Why pay for bookings only, when you can get so much more? Our full menu of 9+ optional workflows are all included in your monthly subscription.
  • We’re not an app. Our blog explains why this is a good thing. Virtual Vet Nurse works across any platform, with no log-in or pesky passwords required. You won’t have to convince your clients to download yet another app.
  • Multiple communication channels. Your Virtual Vet Nurse digital assistant works everywhere: via your website, social channels (Facebook, Messenger, Instagram), WhatsApp, SMS, and email.
  • Your Virtual Vet Nurse is simple to install. Your Virtual Vet Nurse can be installed in under an hour. We provide easy-to-follow user guides, and free customer support is included in your subscription.
  • And it’s easy to self-manage. Using your Virtual Vet Nurse portal, you can configure (or tweak) your booking schedule whenever you like. You simply update your available timeslots – scheduling the availability to suit your staff. We’ll show you how when you book a demo.

What’s on your bookings wish-list?

If you were to design your dream booking solution for your clinic, what would that look like?

Our Virtual Vet Nurse team would love to hear about it. Even better, we’d love to create it for you!

Just book a demo with us, and we’ll show you how.

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