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"Let's talk money": Using your Virtual Vet Nurse to receive client Payments & Deposits.

6 min read | September 2023 | admin_vvn

Having strong cashflow is the lifeblood of any veterinary business. So it’s great to know that your Virtual Vet Nurse can help keep those payments flowing in.

With the Deposits & Payments workflow, your Virtual Vet Nurse can help clients to pay their bill, buy from your clinic, or make an instalment payment to their account.

It provides busy clients with another convenient option to pay their bill 24/7 whenever it suits them, with just a few clicks.

Even better, it provides your clinic with another way to boost sales and proactively ‘close the loop’ on any payments due.

Supporting your front-desk team

How much time does your team currently spend processing payments, or chasing up unpaid bills?

It’s generally not anyone’s favorite task.

Your Virtual Vet Nurse can help lighten the load on your human team, by automatically requesting and processing client payments. (And they don’t feel the least bit awkward about politely asking clients for money!)

Various ways Virtual Vet Nurse can generate payments

  • Receive bill payments, 24/7. Your Virtual Vet Nurse can automatically chase up those outstanding bills; and make it easy for the client to pay instantly.
  • Request a deposit to secure a booking. As part of their regular booking conversation, your Virtual Vet Nurse can request a deposit payment as a final step.
  • Receive instalment payments. For clients that pay their bill by instalment, or make other regular payments to you (e.g for a monthly plan), you can schedule payment reminders to send by email, SMS or other messenger platforms.
  • Create a rainy day account. Do you want to encourage clients to put their account in credit? Using Virtual Vet Nurse, they can easily make ad-hoc payments whenever they have small amounts to spare.
  • Help clients buy products & services from you. As part of a pet care conversation, your Virtual Vet Nurse can ask whether the client wants to make an appointment or purchase a product from your clinic (e.g when chatting about fleas treatments, nutrition etc).

Note: All of the above features are optional, and can be customized to your preferences. And if your clinic has other ideas for payments & deposits, please enquire, as we can probably add them for you.

How does it work?

The payment and deposit conversations are ready to be switched on within your Virtual Vet Nurse, and can be customized according to your clinic’s preferences.

  1. You can simply add a payment button into your front-desk chat menu e.g “Make a payment” “Pay a bill” or “Credit your account”.
  2. You can send a QR code or short-link to clients which directly jumps to the relevant payment conversation within your Virtual Vet Nurse. This is great for outstanding debtor letters, statements & emails. (See our invoice example below).
  3. Your Virtual Vet Nurse can also request a deposit payment as part of your booking process/conversation. This is simply added as a final step to secure the booking and can be applied to new clients only, or all clients; whatever you choose.

An example of a “Make a payment” button in the front-desk menu
This QR code on this invoice jumps straight to the clinic’s Virtual Vet Nurse payment process

Here’s another example of a booking conversation. This clinic uses their Virtual Vet Nurse to request a $50 deposit payment at the time of booking. It not only ensures they receive part-payment before the consult, but it also screens out no-shows for first-time clients. Brilliant!

What is the payment gateway?

Virtual Vet Nurse is integrated with global payment providers Windcave and First American by Deluxe®.

This provides a secure payment gateway for your Virtual Vet Nurse to receive and process payments via credit card.

Here’s a sample conversation from one of our clinics, using their Virtual Vet Nurse, “Floyd” to help a client make a payment:

How to get Payments & Deposits

The Deposits & Payment workflow is additional to the 10+ standard workflows available with a Virtual Vet Nurse subscription. It is available at a small additional monthly cost, to cover integration costs with the payment provider.

If you already have a Virtual Vet Nurse, it’s easy to add the Deposits & Payments workflow:

  1. We help you to arrange an account with either Windcave or First American by Deluxe® (if you don’t have one already).
  2. We add your account details into your Virtual Vet Nurse, switch payments on, and you’re good to go.

And if you don’t have your Virtual Vet Nurse yet, let’s get you onboarded!

Note: Deposits & Payments is currently available to Virtual Vet Nurse clinics in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Canada and the United States. For all other countries, please enquire.

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