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ezyVet integration

2 min read | January 2023 | admin_vvn

Take advantage of our ezyVet integration, which allows you to send targeted and personalized conversations to your clients with your Virtual Vet Nurse. 

Using ezyVet’s contact, animal or clinical record codes, your Virtual Vet Nurse can have a conversation with your client, send a copy of the conversation to your team, and insert that conversation back into their ezyVet record.

Integration with ezyVet means that when your client opens up your clinic’s Virtual Vet Nurse, they greet them and their pet Fluffy, who had surgery yesterday, by name. They can run through post-surgical questions, and will send these answers back to your team to review. This can eliminate the need for traditional post-op call backs, which delivers a huge saving in front-desk time. It also means you don’t have to interrupt the client’s day with a phone call (and they can respond whenever it suits them).

Combined with ezyVets powerful record searching function, you can search your database and direct your clients to interactive self-surveys such as osteoarthritis self assessments for any pet over the age of eight, dental self-surveys for pets with dental scores >1, or even just send a personalised happy first birthday message to pets. Any results of these discussions are sent back to your team to review, and can be inserted into the patient’s clinical record or file. 

Once set up, your Virtual Vet Nurse gets to work straight away answering questions and delivering standardized information to your clients. When integrated, your Virtual Vet Nurse can make bookings directly into ezyVet, talk to clients about any topic and deliver targeted and personalised marketing information. 

Have a go chatting through a post-op conversation with our demo Virtural Vet Nurse Mildred here

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