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Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Vet Nurse is driven off its own secure Cloud platform. This platform connects to your clinic website (or Facebook Messenger) and delivers all content, integrations and customization.

The Virtual Vet Nurse platform integrates with a number of conversational AI platform providers ( and ) to deliver the turnkey intelligent Virtual Vet Nurses you can see working 24/7 in clinics around the world.

All platforms used to deliver your Virtual Vet Nurse are secure and well-credentialed. The same technology is used by other organizations with significant security and privacy standards; including telecom, finance, insurance, human health providers and large retail brands.

Virtually none. Your Virtual Vet Nurse is designed to run automatically and seamlessly – that’s the whole point!
Your team will only receive email messages from your Virtual Vet Nurse when a client needs something actioned by you. For instance, they want to order a refill, get a cost estimate, or need you to respond to a ‘problem with my pet’ query.
These messages are succinct and easy to follow, just like a conscientious human receptionist passing on messages.
For everything else, your Virtual Vet Nurse will simply answer the question (e.g ‘what are your opening hours’) and complete the conversation themselves. Or if the conversation is purely educational (e.g advice on travelling with your pet), then no message needs to be sent.

That’s the beauty of conversational AI. Your Virtual Vet Nurse can chat with hundreds or thousands (an unlimited number!) of clients at the same time. For your clients, there are never any queues or waiting in line.

What is a digital assistant?

Virtual Vet Nurse has two types of conversations: guided and open-ended.
Most “workflow” conversations follow a pathway and quickly reach an outcome (e.g a booking is requested, a photo is sent, or a refill is ordered). This is the fast queue-busting service that lies at the heart of Virtual Vet Nurse.
The open-ended questions are for wider chat, on any topic. We have pre-programmed hundreds of conversations on many different topics – everything from fleas to brachycephalics. (If the Virtual Vet Nurse can’t answer an open-ended question, s/he politely answers: “I don’t understand the question”, or “I haven’t been trained on that topic yet.”)

All Virtual Vet Nurse conversations have been written by a senior veterinarian with 30+ years experience. All pet care conversations follow general best-practice guidelines. If a client wants to know about a topic in more detail, Virtual Vet Nurse will direct them to “ask your clinic team to explain more about xyz”.

Rest assured, Virtual Vet Nurse does not provide diagnostic advice to your patients (see below).

Your Virtual Vet Nurse will offer relevant information and offer to forward a useful summary of symptoms/history to your team – but always stops short of online diagnosis.

This is deliberate, as unlike many online offerings, your Virtual Vet Nurse ensures that clinical advice and diagnosis remain where they should, in the hands of your clinical team.

Virtual Vet Nurse is extremely careful when it comes to potential emergencies. When a serious problem is indicated, your digital assistant will immediately urge the client to “talk to a human now”. Furthermore, they will promptly provide details (and directions) to the after-hours and emergency care specific to your clinic.

Your Virtual Vet Nurse can effortlessly send pre-visit surveys – these are a powerful time-saving tool.

Also, when clients use the ‘problem with my pet’ button, the Virtual Vet Nurse prompts them to answer a number of questions (e.g ‘when did you first notice the problem’, ‘please briefly describe the symptoms’ etc). S/he also invites them to upload any photos or short videos of the problem.

This allows your team to review the information prior to seeing the patient. Brilliant!

In a similar way to the history-taking above. Your client has a conversation about the post-op care and recovery with your Virtual Vet Nurse, and that information (which can include photos) is emailed to your team.

Absolutely – supporting clinic revenue is a key function of Virtual Vet Nurse. Sales happen in a number of ways. Firstly, there is a ‘repeat order’ button, where clients are prompted to quickly order repeat meds, foods or other regularly-purchased products. (Your Virtual Vet Nurse will even remember their purchasing history).

Secondly, a number of conversational threads will naturally lead to sales. For example, if your client is chatting about fleas, your VVN may suggest purchasing flea products as part of the conversation. VVN integrates with your clinic ecommerce store.

We believe Virtual Vet Nurse is the world’s first and only conversational AI chat-bot for veterinary clinics. All conversations have been written and designed by a veterinarian. This has involved hundreds of hours of programming and refining.

You could buy an off-the-shelf conversational chat-bot for your clinic that can perform simple functions. But it will not have the richness and depth of Virtual Vet Nurse, designed specifically for your profession.

Virtual Vet Nurse is designed to support your existing staff, not replace them. By handling routine queries – and acting as a reliable messenger – they will help take the pressure off your practice manager and front-of-house team, and free them up to spend more time with clients.

Yes, Virtual Vet Nurse can translate into other languages. (You can also have more than one language e.g English plus other languages spoken in your community).

That’s the exciting part. AI-based digital employee technology is evolving rapidly, and the team behind Virtual Vet Nurse are at the forefront of this space. We’re developing the newest functionality, on behalf of individual veterinary clinics, so you don’t have to. And we love to hear your wish-list, so we can create it for you!

Virtual Vet Nurse is simple and quick to install. (We know you’ve probably heard that before from IT providers – but this really is).

Your website developer simply adds a unique snippet of code to your website. This should take less than an hour. And that’s it, your chat-bot is now up and running.

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