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Arthritis month

1 min read | April 2022 | Rebecca Caroe

Like most Vet clinics, Diederik and Shanna educate their clients with a monthly educational promotion on the clinic website.

April is Arthritis Month.

Education topics available

All virtual vet nurse chat bots and digital human Sophie come pre-loaded with a range of education topics relating to animal health.

Arthritis is one topic we have ready for you to use.

Questions on pet arthritis

Commonly asked questions include animal-specific information, osteoarthritis and how to find out if your pet has arthritis.

Sophie the digital human reads out loud answers to these questions when a client clicks the button. All the answers have been written by a veterinarian so you can trust that the information is appropriate and accurate.

Next month’s topic is “lumps and bumps”, I wonder what Diederik and Shanna are planning to talk about?

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