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Digital Human 5000 convos

2 min read | April 2022 | Rebecca Caroe

Since launching “Sophie” our digital human who can chat to vet clinic customers on their websites, together with her Virtual Vet Nurse colleagues, they have hit a milestone.

5000 conversations in one month

We keep track of all the analytics relating to the Virtual Vet Nurse chat bots and also Digital Human installations on vet clinic websites.

This week Sophie the digital human and Virtual Vet Nurses hit a new high in the number of conversations they’ve had.

Digital Human web chat analytics

The majority of chats were on veterinary clinic websites and a few were on Facebook. We love that the topics she covered for clients included:

  • Puppy & kitten start of life info
  • Skin problems/dermatology
  • Virtual shop assistance (with Storbie)
  • Osteoarthitis in Pets
  • Fleas in pets
  • Promoting the “Your vet cares” campaign.

If you’d like to see Sophie the digital human in action – watch this.

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