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Stress in pets

2 min read | June 2022 | Rebecca Caroe

Pet owners often don’t realise their pet is suffering stress.

Vets and vet nurses see stressed animals daily – but your clients may not realise the signs of stress they can look out for.

Teach pet owners

Your clients can learn about stress and anxiety in pets as well as the trigger and signs for themselves using Digital human Sophie (part of the Virtual Vet Nurse service).

Watch this video about stress and anxiety in pets.

Stress and anxiety in pets – signs and triggers

Tell your clients

Here’s an easy way to tell your clients about Sophie and how to learn more.

  • Add a button to your Virtual Vet Nurse about “stress and anxiety in pets”
  • Update your social media pages “Is your pet stressed or anxious? Find out the triggers and signs of pet stress.”
  • Explain how to access your Virtual Vet Nurse & Sophie
  • Link to your website

Images you can share

Virtual Vet Nurse talks stress and anxiety in pets
Try for yourself

If you have never used a Virtual Vet Nurse, try a demo – click in the bottom right corner to activate the intelligent AI chat bot trained in veterinary advice.

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