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How many times have you had a great idea for a monthly promotion, only to have it fall flat when things have got busy in the clinic? Client freebies end up sitting unused in the back cupboard, and the carefully curated educational material is left sitting on a desk somewhere.   A good promotional campaign requires a little planning – but with the help of a few little tips you can put together a campaign that keeps your promotion at the forefront of your client’s minds. Put your Virtual Vet Nurse to work delivering standardised information at every interaction with every client, and talking about your promotions in a customer centric approach.   

The 80/20 rule The 80/20 rule indicates that 80% of social media posts should be useful to your audience — meaning, it educates, entertains, or offers a solution to their problems — and only 20% should explicitly promote your business/products. For your social media to be a hit it’s worth putting time into sharing those cute kitty photos, and putting up the fun staff pictures!

Have some diversity! Get creative and use a variety of media across your social media, email and SMS channels. Some ideas!  Images taken in clinicImages using royalty free professional photosInfographics

Quizzes/self questionnaires 

Videos of staff

Educational videos 

Content from your suppliers  

Develop your brand identity Brand identity is a set of tools and elements used to curate your clinic’s brand image – which is how your clients perceive, relate to and remember you. This can include things like specific colours, fonts, image styles and tone of voice in your communications. Having a good idea of your brand identity helps you to make content feel personalized, even when you are running a promotion!    

Example social media calendar for feline OA
Week one Cute patient photo + case study on feline OA. Tip for feline OA patientsPhoto and link for Digital Human Sophie talking about OA
Week two Video of staff member demonstrating how to trim clawsLink to Virtual Vet Nurse osteoarthritis survey Tip for feline OA patients
Week three Link to Digital Human Sophie talking about nerve growth factor Post about joint supplement that you offer in clinicTip for feline OA patients
Week four  Online quiz about feline OA with a prizeCute patient photo and case study about feline OA SMS campaign with OA survey for cats over age

Do you have any great ideas for a clinic theme month?   

Get in touch!   Let’s work together to help your clients get the best out of your promotions.    

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