Does your clinic need an extra pair of hands?

What is a chatbot?

If you use the internet regularly, you’ll have come across chatbots. They usually sit at the bottom right-hand corner of a web page, and pop up offering assistance. 

There are different types of chatbots, though, and some are more sophisticated than others. Virtual Vet Nurse uses the latest technology – providing human-like conversations 24/7.

Below is a quick recap.

Live chat

This requires a human to chat in real-time with each website visitor. It’s relatively expensive and not scalable.

Conventional chatbot

Responds to a set of pre-defined questions, and can only have limited conversations.

AI-powered chatbot

Uses artificial intelligence to engage in more conversations, with natural-sounding language. This is Virtual Vet Nurse.

Digital human

A human-like avatar which responds to customers using both speech and text. This is Digital human Sophie.

Virtual Vet Nurse Solutions

Your Virtual Vet Nurse is 100% loyal to your clinic

Unlike other digital offerings, your Virtual Vet Nurse will never refer your clients outside of your clinic, or give them a reason not to visit you.

Just the opposite – they’re a loyal and helpful team member who engages, educates and upsells (where appropriate) to your clients.

Digital assistants are the way of the future

49% of consumers would rather use a messaging app than a phone call to communicate with a business

80% of queries from customers relate to the same 20 or fewer questions

79% of Millennials are more willing to buy from brands that have a digital customer service portal

Virtual Vet Nurse offers you and your clients the best of both worlds.

A closer vet-client relationship…and the time-saving convenience of technology.