Does your clinic need an extra pair of hands?

Looking to streamline your client workflows? Virtual Vet Nurse is here to help.

The AI digital platform for veterinary clinics

We've built the turnkey AI platform for veterinary clinics - so you don't have to! Virtual Vet Nurse is an AI digital assistant, personalized to your clinic, that manages multiple workflows from one simple platform. (See our Features page for more).

Virtual Vet Nurses at Work

“I would thoroughly recommend adding a Virtual Vet Nurse to your customer service portfolio.”

Kathryn Sim , Marketing Manager, Franklin Vets
  • "Bruce joined our team in 2021 and we have been impressed with how our clients have responded to him. Being available 24/7, he can handle a whole range of tasks, help clients navigate our website and is trained to pass on the client details to our team when he is unsure."

    Lori Mahoney, Marketing Manager, New Plymouth Veterinary Group
  • “Covid has brought many challenges to the veterinary world. Having another team member in the form of Atawhai, who was there 24/7 for our clients, has been a great help. I would thoroughly recommend adding a Virtual Vet Nurse to your customer service portfolio.”

    Kathryn Sim, Marketing Manager, Franklin Vets
  • “We’ve been using our Virtual Vet Nurse Sarah for a few months now and the client engagement has been great. She can answer all kinds of queries, any time of the day or night. We particularly use Sarah to refer our clients to the integrated after-hours service VetCheck 24/7, which can direct our clients to speak to a real vet nurse (and then see a vet if necessary).
    “I also love the useful tips and tricks that Sarah can provide to our clients like showing clients how to easily place their cat in a carrier ready for the vet visit. She also showcases our wellness plans and can take messages for prescription refills. I think that moving forward, every practice website will need a virtual assistant to improve communications with clients.”

    Dr Moss Siddle, owner of Dandenong Ranges Veterinary Centre Founder of Medechat, VetCheck 24/7 and the free VetCheck app Current Chair of the AVA Veterinary Business Group
  • “Embracing virtual/digital tech team members enables us to take care of our most precious resource – our veterinary professional teams – and helps free up their time to care for our patients, the heartbeats at our feet.’”

    Dr Megan Alderson, co-owner, of The Strand Veterinarian